The Best Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

The Best Outdoor Patio Lighting IdeasA backyard patio is a popular place to host dinners, parties and events throughout the summer and spring. This is especially true if you live in a warmer or desert climate and you’re searching for the best Phoenix AZ patio lights. Lighting up your patio can get expensive, but there are several ways to reduce costs and still get the custom look you’re seeking. Below, you will find our list of the best outdoor patio lighting ideas.

Easy Ways to Light Up Your Patio

  1. Create Space with Lanterns

The Best Outdoor Patio Lighting IdeasYou can maximize and illuminate the space on your patio or in your backyard using outdoor lanterns. You can mount lanterns on fence posts around the yard to provide general or security lighting at night. You can also use lanterns to light up work areas, such as around a grill or outdoor sink.

  1. Use Indoor-Style Lamps Outside

Traditional lamps aren’t just for indoors anymore. You can liven up any patio using all-weather lamps. These weatherproof lamps plug into any external outlet and provide you with the same comfortable lighting you enjoy in your bedroom or living room. Most outdoor lamps have a weighted base to withstand windy days and nights. You can also get waterproof shades to combat the elements.

  1. Hang a Chandelier Outdoors

Another creative way you can light up your patio is by hanging a chandelier outdoors. Chandeliers are perfect to hang above outdoor tables you plan on using for barbecues or summer dinners. They are also great for game nights or just enjoying a few drinks outdoors. If you do decide to hang a chandelier, be sure it’s UL-rated approved to deal with dust, wind and weather.

  1. Get Creative with Candles

The Best Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas You can brighten up your patio without using electricity at all with candles. Candles are the quickest and easiest way to add mood lighting to an outdoor area. You can protect the flame from wind and rain using Hurricane candle holders. You can also get creative by using empty wine bottles or beer cans to make your own holders.

  1. Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

You can address two problems in one shot by installing an outdoor ceiling fan. You can add light to your patio as well as much-needed circulation on those blistering summer nights. There are dozens of wet-rated ceiling fans to choose from. You can also purchase models that are customized for energy efficiency.